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Josh Ridge

Josh is the talented artist and proud owner of our tattoo shop. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Josh has honed his skills as an exceptional tattoo artist, and his journey has been accompanied by success.

He has demonstrated a deep commitment to the tattoo industry. Notably, he played a pivotal role in developing the Bloodborne Pathogen Standards, a certification requirement for all tattoo artists in San Diego, showcasing his dedication to safety and professionalism.

At heart, Josh is an artist who genuinely cares about bringing his clients' visions to life. He has an exceptional ability to blend his passion with their ideas, resulting in unique and meaningful designs that stand the test of time.



Meet Estrella, our skilled body piercer at Transcendence Tattoo. Her fascination with piercings began at the age of eighteen, and ever since, she has been captivated by the art of body modification. Eager to pursue a career in the piercing and tattoo industry, Estrella found her way to our shop through a chance encounter. During a tattoo session with her best friend, she took the opportunity to discuss her aspirations with the owner, which marked the beginning of her journey as a piercer.

With unwavering dedication, Estrella excelled in her apprenticeship, mastering the art of proper piercing techniques. She made the bold decision to leave her previous job behind and fully commit to her newfound career, determined to provide exceptional service to our clients. With a warm and friendly approach, she takes pride in guiding people through the aftercare process, ensuring they receive the utmost care for their new piercings. Meeting new individuals every day and being part of their transformative experiences brings immense joy to Estrella, making her an invaluable asset to our team.



Chad's venture into the world of art spans over a decade, encompassing a rich exploration of diverse mediums including acrylics, Copic markers, watercolors, and digital tools. This immersive experience has sculpted him into a versatile creator, yet it's on the backdrop of the skin that his brilliance finds its most profound manifestation. The transition into tattooing was a natural evolution—a convergence of his dedication to diverse art forms, ultimately leading him to the discovery of his true passion.

Hailing from Oceanside, Chad's creative expression mirrors the vast shores, a reflection evident in his multifaceted artistic pursuits. Beyond the surface, there's a depth to this artist. Chad's imagination draws inspiration from anime, manga, video games, and pop culture, infusing his work with vibrant energy and a distinctive storytelling finesse.



Dani's fondness for art began at a mere 4 years old, sparking a lifelong passion that has evolved into her defining pursuit. With a penchant for pen illustrations, she painstakingly brings forth the beauty of nature and weaves intricate threads of fantasy concepts. The allure of tattoos captivated her during her formative years, nurturing a pastime of curating small, personal designs over time.

Her connection with Transcendence Tattoo was found as a client, a space where not only ink but also inspiration flowed freely. Encouraged to embrace new horizons, she seized the opportunity of an apprenticeship—an experience that has transformed her trajectory. Now, with over a year spent crafting tattoos, Dani has transitioned her artistry from paper to skin.

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