Josh Ridge

Josh is the store owner and lead artist. He has worked in the tattoo industry for over 20 years as an elite artist, shop manager and partner in numerous highly successful locations. Josh has always taken his role in the industry seriously. In fact, he was a chief architect in the creation of the Blood Born Pathogen Standards, which is now a certification requirement for all tattoo artists in San Diego.

In the end, it is all about the art. Josh has a true talent to blend his artist's passion with each individual clients vision. Josh is set apart by his ability to take your idea and mold it into something that is truly personal and timeless. His work is beautiful.



Wattana completed a traditional 2 year tattoo apprenticeship and then started working at Transcendence Tattoo in March 2020.

Wattana's art style is unique to his art background. It can be described as animation designs with a crazy flare! The looseness of fluid line derives from his strength of gesture drawings, is ability to adapt to all styles of art makes him a well rounded tattoo artist.

Wattana's futures goals with tattooing is to incorporate and reinvent traditional SouthEastern Asian art designs. This will be his contribution to the ever evolving Tattoo Culture.


Wattana is concurrently working as an adjunct art professor at UCSD. He has traveled internationally to Berlin, Germany and Arequipa, Peru to teach workshops on illustration and design.



Autumn started her journey tattooing here at Transcendence tattoo. She began as an apprentice under Josh. Since then she has grown to become a great tattoo artist, loving her job and all the people she helps bring their designs to light. She's always trying to expand her abilities in different styles and always willing to learn new exciting things. Autumn is always eagerly dedicated to help with your ideas.


Jose Rodriguez

We would like to introduce you to our newest member Jose. Jose has been tattooing for quite a few years. Jose has been a part of our shop for 8 months now and focuses on all styles. He is a well rounded artists and enjoys doing many different styles. He thrives and continue to push himself in every style that walks in the door.

Jose started his passion in art very young, he has always been a creative soul and decided to make his passion a goal and give his clients the best portrayal of their vision.



Kat began working at Transcendence tattoo late 2019 after having apprenticed under Transcendence tattoo, for body piercing. Kat is extremely motivate and hardworking. Her attention to detail is astounding and strives to make her customers feel safe and comfortable.